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Extremely hard and bitter layers of breakthrough in China's nuclear construction writing AP1000 nuclear power construction miracle

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While China is about to usher in a new round of upsurge of nuclear power construction, the world's first AP1000 nuclear power group of high-profile nuclear power industry also is the land of China quietly rooting, gradually from the drawings into reality. As of March 18th, 4 units in China AP1000 nuclear power project has completed 72, 144 milepost node in which the first reactor, 20 have been completed 36 milepost in the node. The AP1000 project overall progress smoothly, safety, quality, schedule control.AP1000 as the world's third generation of advanced pressurized water reactor, with modular construction, prefabrication, installation of parallel construction, civil construction, director of truncated narrow gap automatic welding construction characteristics.
It is the development of the United States Westing House Electric Corporation design 1250 MW advanced passive type pressurized water reactor. Zhejiang three and Shandong Haiyang nuclear power project is China's AP1000 three generation of nuclear power by relying on independent projects, the main force of China's nuclear power construction by the known as China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Corporation is responsible for building, the members of the unit in five the company responsible for the general construction contractor, in two two, in two four, the Central Plains, nuclear nuclear nuclear concrete company other units of the joint participation.The world's first reactor, means that there is no empirical demonstration reactor and project for reference, China nuclear construction had to "cross the river by feeling the stones", and then to a nuclear power construction technical problems; the world's first reactor, means that the engineering design has not yet reached a perfect situation, but also the drawings lag, equipment manufacturing and untimely supply and so on question, China nuclear construction only "crustily skin of head battle", looking for the best path in the design, manufacturing, edge, edge modification, validation of construction under the state. In addition, because AP1000 is imported from abroad, China nuclear construction must also overcome cultural differences in philosophy, management ways and other obstacles, sometimes "postures when students" learn from the advanced experience, strength.
In the AP1000 world, build the first reactor, China nuclear construction units have experienced from being questioned to gain trust, from passive to active, from rough to smooth, from the difference to the fusion process. After five years of hardships, they finally saw AP1000 first pile up dawn.From difference to fusionAccording to the characteristics of AP1000 project construction, China nuclear construction management innovation, take the nuclear power construction general contracting mode, professional construction, cluster member units of the superior strength, shoulder heavy responsibility on the project of AP1000 construction. Because the AP1000 project is managed by the United States Westinghouse design and organize the scene, the clash of cultures, differences on the idea, management mode, the China nuclear construction aspects in the quality assurance concept, safety culture, project management through a from the difference to the fusion of the road.Unit 1, Zhejiang three nuclear power is the world's first AP1000 nuclear power reactor, undoubtedly has a "demonstration" demonstration of the role, is the Chinese and foreign parties as early as the construction site of the collision sparks. In 2010, the HSE manager for nuclear island all module wall and confined space exit must set up a rescue support and equipment, therefore, in January under the three letter stop work order, bring great impact on the construction site. Construction general contracting parties is that: the confined space field 100, and each will only used in an emergency rescue equipment is in 10 thousand yuan of above, such as the implementation of foreign demand, will only cause unnecessary idle. Rescue equipment only in a fixed location, convenient to take and emergency rescue. After repeated communication with foreign expert consultations, the two sides finally reached consensus, finally only in the first reactor of nuclear island main emergency rescue equipment entrance of each one, sufficient to meet emergency needs, but also saves the cost.In view of the large module hoisting and high welding work frequently in welding dust, foreign experts for each welder with a weight of about 800 kg purification equipment, and the promotion of this equipment on site. This equipment is not effectively collecting surface dust, move the equipment will bring security risks to employees, the scene is not practical. Therefore, China nuclear construction site personnel after repeated with foreign experts in HSE communication, in-depth analysis, formulated and issued the "island" temporary ventilation scheme, only in the room is provided with the common fan and a wind pipe, installed in the reactor building in two high-power axial-flow fan will be unified into the reactor in welding dust workshop, to meet the person and the on-site construction requirements of civilization.
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