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Zhejiang will build China's nuclear power city officially issued the overall planning

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Recently, the Zhejiang provincial government formally issued "China's nuclear power city planning", which is a programmatic document of China's nuclear power development and construction in the city. According to the plan, the overall positioning of China's nuclear power city as the "three area" one city, namely, nuclear science and Technology City, the domestic nuclear power service core area, the domestic nuclear power auxiliary equipment manufacturing cluster demonstration zone by zone and nuclear safety. Vigorously developing nuclear power industry, fostering the growth of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry, to expand the application of nuclear technology industry. Spatial development structure to rely on the "axis" that the old highway 01 (Nuclear Association Avenue) along the layout of "Five", nuclear power equipment industry zone, nuclear power and nuclear power business district, living area, service area, nuclear power nuclear power production area. Planning involves a wide range of Haiyan County territory, up to 130 square kilometers, in Wuyuan street, Qinshan street, economic development zone is a key area. The plan put forward in 2015, in order to achieve nuclear power service industry output value of 10000000000 yuan, nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry output value of 5000000000 yuan target.At the same time, the planning and "Haiyan Chinese nuclear city conceptual planning", "Chinese nuclear city spatial development planning", "Haiyan County Master Plan (2006-2020)", "Haiyan County land use overall planning (2006-2020)", "marine ecological environmental functional district planning" phase cohesion, the formation of the salt city development of a complete planning system.
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