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As China's nuclear power "going out" lay a solid foundation

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Once a year the international nuclear power units of the same type of safety performance challenge recently held in Paris, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) that belongs to the Dayawan nuclear operating company wins the "first ability factor / short cycle" and "nuclear safety / automatic shutdown" two project.Match the international similar unit safety operation performance challenge organized by the French power company began in 1999, is one of the most authoritative game world nuclear power. As of 2013, Dayawan nuclear operating company has in this competition to obtain a total of 29 items of the first. "Ability factor / short cycle" and "nuclear safety / automatic shutdown" are hard to recognize international nuclear power industry of nuclear power plant generating capacity and the level of safety management. Dayawan nuclear operating company with its excellent performance, laid the foundation for China's nuclear power quality "going out", in the international nuclear power stage set a good image of China's nuclear power trustworthy.
According to the general manager of Dayawan nuclear operating company Jiang Xinghua introduced, in recent years, generating capacity of 4 units of the China Guangdong nuclear power responsible for the operation of the Dayawan nuclear power plant, Ling Ao nuclear power steadily, ability factor average for 5 consecutive years has more than 90%, is located in the advanced ranks in the world. The United States nuclear power operation of the latest statistics also show, on 104 nuclear power generating units and the United States of America, the 12 consecutive quarter of Dayawan nuclear power base of the running performance ranked first.In the host challenge enterprises exhibition, reporter saw many representatives of enterprises in Dayawan to China Guangdong Nuclear operating company booth said, praise sound constantly. State Power Corporation of South Africa Kuberg nuclear power plant engineer in Sydney, sister said, excellent performance of China's nuclear power safety indicators for the industry set a good example, hope that the future of China's nuclear power industry to have more cooperation. A British industry also said that China, in the safety of nuclear power on the high starting point, many ways to do better than their peers in Europe and america. Now, turn to Europe and the former "teacher" to the Chinese learning experience.The nuclear safety technology expert Chen Guanfu China Guangdong Nuclear Power in the French power company says, on the Fukushima nuclear accident, the international nuclear safety standards will be improved, China's nuclear power industry with international standards, adhere to international peers and experience sharing and benchmarking. Nuclear power plant to strengthen the inspection and emergency measures, such as the addition of emergency water supply equipment, diesel engines, in the design also improves safety standards.Since the last century since the 80's Dayawan nuclear power plant project started, the Sino-French nuclear power cooperation has entered the thirtieth year. In 30 years, great changes have taken place in the Sino-French nuclear power cooperation mode, China from completely copy the past and imitate the French experience, develop gradually self-construction and operation. Localization of the overall project built in Dayawan nuclear power station LNPS rate reached 30%, two stage reactor nuclear power technology with independent brand China improved pressurized water, of which 1, unit 2, equipment localization rate of more than 50% and 70% respectively. In the aspect of management innovation, China in the introduction and digestion of foreign experience in operations management, has gradually formed a system of our own.Jiang Xinghua said the image, if the Dayawan nuclear power plant in France to help build up, then the Ling Ao phase is to try to throw away the crutches walk, Ling Ao phase two is a standard pace.Chinese nuclear power companies have been "going out" the required skills and technology, is currently working with a number of countries to discuss the feasibility of foreign contact, participate in project construction. In addition, China's nuclear power enterprises to cooperate with Thailand, from Thailand to send staff to the Chinese learning and training; and Kazakhstan and Namibia cooperation, uranium mining in the local. Jiang Xinghua said, although nuclear power "going out" is still in the initial stage, but the progress and development of China's nuclear power in the safety aspects of the strategy of "going out" to lay a solid foundation, in the world set up the "made in China" brand image.
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