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Adhere to the "project for the king" unwavering

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The transformation of scientific and technological achievements is to implement the "key science and technology is the first productivity". Economic development must rely on science and technology progress, play the role of the first productivity, but only as the first productivity important embodiment of scientific and technological achievements in production practice are widely used, can effectively improve the quality of economic growth in China, two to achieve a fundamental change in the mode of economic growth.The characteristics of the active transformation of scientific and technological achievementsOn behalf of the enterprise: Jiangsu Huitong set pipeline equipment Co. Ltd.Complete sets of pipeline equipment industry is a relatively high technology content industries, application and innovation of technology and the requirement of high. Jiangsu Huitong since its inception attaches great importance to technology development and innovation, set up their own R & D team and R & D center, actively carry out scientific and technological achievements transformation.Company set up technology center is the demand of the market, also is the enterprise innovation and development needs, the company make full use of their technical resources and advantages, and further improve the property management based on the original R & D center, technology center become the enterprise innovation ability of the heart and the engine, through the industrialization constantly innovation and technology results, promote the enterprise to develop ahead ceaselessly. At the same time, through scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning, the technology center to carry out technical exchanges and technical cooperation, sharing and complementary resources.At present, the company has built in Yangzhou City, the core pipe support engineering technology research center, Yangzhou enterprise technology center, the center has a team of technical staff of high professional quality of the team, has developed a set of can mobilize the enthusiasm of the development of talent incentive policy, and have the necessary research, development and test conditions and means, has a strong product development ability. In the past three years, each year more than 4 conversion of scientific and technological achievements, the company has 1 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, the provincial high-tech products 1.Market positioning can create a kind of products in the market position, this position depends on the consumers or users how to know the product. Market positioning is an important part of enterprise comprehensive strategic plan, which is related to the enterprise and its products out of the ordinary, and competitors is how prominent.
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