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Active power Fujian electric power remote education and examination invigilation information

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As the two core power to promote the development of social economy and culture, the Internet and education will profoundly change the history and destiny of a nation, the road network development education despite twists and turns, prospects are very broad. Especially in developing countries, the development of network education is developing rapidly popularization of higher education, to meet the development needs of the efficient way. The advantages of network education is to make the students not only can acquire knowledge from text data, and can directly see the image of the teacher, to hear the teacher's voice, so that learning is no longer boring. Therefore, all levels of schools adopt interactive teaching methods, the use of modern teaching methods to teaching the school level in the last step.
Fujian electric power training center is the Fujian province electric power company under the set all kinds of management cadres and staff skills training for the integrated training base, the electric company, Fuzhou electric power center and provincial Party school senior technical school, Fuzhou Province Electric Power Institute of technology, power supply state occupation skill appraisal station to implement "a legal entity, the mode of operation undertake different tasks.". Training Center for all kinds of post training, adaptive training, education, vocational education, continuing education, theory study and training, teaching classes, for Fujian electric power training senior management personnel and senior technical staff, to provide multi-level, many forms, the content of quality training.In order to adapt to the rapid development of Fujian electric power, the training center and constantly improve the training facilities, the positive development of the remote network training. The implementation of their choice of Beijing Network Technology Co., Ltd. long-distance teaching system active class for remote teaching and training. Network distance teaching system through the maximum concentration and integration of educational resources, which provides a virtual classroom a real-time interactive, fully meet the training needs of training center. The system adopts advanced audio and video codec technology and abundant data exchange function can be realized, the teaching process of teachers and students in the Internet "face to face" like. Teachers can use this system can transmit your voice, image, vivid, notes and writing on the blackboard without delay transmit to remote students, students can through a show of hands, the exchange of text, audio speakers, and timely manner to communicate with teachers.In the inspection of teaching effect, the center choose Beijing Network Technology Co., Ltd. video monitoring system of active Eyes test monitoring, the monitoring of multiple pictures can choose according to need any display mode, with the need to control the camera angle, adjusting the display screen of the video and audio effects, greatly facilitate the invigilation the teacher focus on the examination discipline view, omits the complicated manual labor, efficient time-saving.In the boost active power products, Fujian electric power training center to make strides in the road distance education training and examination invigilation information construction, more brilliant achievements.
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