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Mazal construction of power company emergency command center

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Electric power industry is the basic industry, adequate and reliable supply of electricity is the foundation of the national economy and social development. Nowadays, serious natural disaster, earthquake, snow disaster, flood, factory explosion accidents occur frequently, and power production of major accidents, constant power supply crisis events, through a series of chain reaction, can lead to large-scale power outage even collapse, a great influence on people's life and the normal production and management company order and other serious consequences, which relates to a long time, space, power companies need to mobilize and coordinate various departments and units, the unified leadership, rapid response, positive action, timely and effective rescue, rescue and disposal, power supply restoration work. Therefore, to establish electrical safety emergency response mechanism and perfect effective, correct, effective and rapid disposal and deal with emergencies to ensure the safety of electric power, electric power, is an important guarantee for social harmony, people live and work in peace, is very important to the maintenance of state security, social stability and people's life and property safety significance.Combined with the characteristics of the current Shanghai mazal company electric power industry, the company developed using advanced IP communication technology "collaborative scheduling system" for the electric power company built the "emergency dispatching center," the voice, data, video and other functions into one, provides telephone conference, video conference, real-time monitoring, Email, voice, fax and other automatic multicast notifications, especially the hot line function, emergency occurs, and the precious time, must seize every minute and second accident treatment, hotline that embodies the advantages, avoid the dial-up off-hook that call, save a lot of time. This system has realized the electric power emergency management and command of scientific data and the emergency treatment quickly and efficiently, the power emergency management mode has changed the previous accident treatment leading group to visit the scene, led by the dispatching platform like in person at the scene command scheduling, fast and efficient, save valuable time arrived at the scene of the charges, capable of handling unexpected events in the first time, minimize the loss.Emergency command center by the emergency leading group, emergency response team members, emergency repair team and other related units, integration of all resources. By dispatching system is powerful, when the serious imbalance of power supply and demand and all kinds of accidents of large area blackout, emergency leading group, to hold an emergency meeting in the first time, make decisions on major issues and deployment, start the corresponding emergency plans, unified leadership, level-by-level responsibility, division, rapid response, efficient scheduling of the relevant functional departments to immediately carry out accident emergency rescue and disaster relief, repair damaged power facilities, restore the power supply emergency handling, emergency leading group for real-time communication and command of the scene of the accident group and the accident handling personnel. At the same time, the system can be carried out between the plant network, power companies and local government, power companies and power between regulators, power emergency and social emergency coordination and cohesion, such as: public security, armed police and other departments to strengthen key units on the relationship between people's livelihood, national security and public safety security work in blackout area; cohesion and the fire department, be able to carry out the first time in the fire rescue and emergency preparedness, timely extinguished the fire occurred in a large area blackout period.
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